• David Yocum

Yocum's Weekly Watchlist - 7/05/22 to 7/08/22

Last week the S&P500 experienced a -2.27% decline as semiconductors seemed to lead the charge with the VanEck Semiconductor ETF down around 9.4%. This week began with a poor start considering last week's strong close. With the S&P continuing its slump, it is still under its key EMAs. This promotes caution and smaller position sizes to the long side. With my primary style being swing trading and position trading where I hold positions anywhere from a couple of days to a few months, this environment warrants tight targets and stops to preserve capital. These are key factors to remember as you read this article with potential future leaders and some laggards in the mix. With the market being in quite an unpredictable spot, this week's watchlist will be condensed as I am likely making very few if any moves this week.


Stock Spotlight of the Week: $TWNK

$TWNK - Hostess Brands Inc. Sector: Food-Packaged Group

IBD Composite Ranking: 99 EPS Rating: 88 RS Rating: 94 SMR Rating: C

Hostess Brands continue its weekly hot streak as the daily EMAs being to turn bullish again. Last week price closed at a key pivot which could prove to be resistance this week. I'd like to see some consolidation to allow the EMAs to catch back up and allow a squeeze to the upside.


Bullish Setups:

$HSY - The Hershey Company Sector: Food-Confectionery Group IBD Composite Ranking: 98 EPS Rating: 89 RS Rating: 96 SMR Rating: A

The Hershey Company is one of the food names that has seen no little to no weakness this year as consumers continue to spend money on these low-priced items. Similar to Dollar General, Hostess Brands, and other names, this has been a great bear market hedge. If we continue to see the same, I would not be surprised to see this one hold its own.


$ALKS - Alkermes plc Sector: Medical-Biomed/Biotech Group IBD Composite Ranking: 96

EPS Rating: 93 RS Rating: 95 SMR Rating: C

Alkermes has a weekly chart that has heavily outperformed the S&P this year as it continues it blue bull trend. It is also important to note some bullish call flow coming through on Friday which made this one pop up on the radar. This name is not something I'm not looking to play quite yet but something to keep on the watchlist during a pullback or market shift.


$PRVA - Privia Health Group Inc. Sector: Computer Software-Medical Group IBD Composite Ranking: 95 EPS Rating: 96 RS Rating: 90 SMR Rating: B

Privia has been a name on the radar the past couple of weeks as price has reclaimed its uptrend. There have been some decent volume patterns but nothing to get over-excited about. Price is holding this key area for the time being so it will be something to monitor this week for any strength or weakness vs the S&P.


$JKHY - Jack Henry & Assoc. Inc.

Sector: Computer Software-Financial Group IBD Composite Ranking: 87 EPS Rating: 88 RS Rating: 91

SMR Rating: B

Jack Henry & Associates has seen some relative strength holding green on the year as the overall market tumbles. This is a key characteristic to watch for the next bull markets market leaders group. Price has briefly broken above its EMAs and downtrend line. I'd like to see a push above that recent swing high to prove a new uptrend but for the meantime like many other names to watch this week, it will be that much. Just observing and taking notes.


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